Chamlevé enamel, sterling silver

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Dandellion is so simple and modest with poetic beauty that sometimes it is so complex to find aproppriate matherial and show the core characters of it. I met definite paradox while using metals to show the flower easiness and "flyingness". Reading and searching about enamel I found one technique which seemed to be satisfied all the requirements set for necessary impression from the pendand. The champlevé enamel is almost ideal to show such gentle things.
To fly with wind of Life one needs to be like the weightless seed of dandellions. To overcome difficulties, to slide across situations. The necklace will help you to recall about that sensations.


Size diameter: 27 mm (1.06 in)
Weight 9,6 gr (0.33 oz)
Material chamlevé enamel, sterling silver
Colour silver, grey